Dreaming of Resolution

I don’t understand how people do New Years resolutions. Not because of commitment or follow through.

I’m just so tired after the holidays. I spent all my hustle and then some on making a Merry Christmas.

And it being winter doesn’t help. ¬†All winter does is make me want to hibernate, and make me grumpy that I cannot.

So when do I make my decisions on my goals for the new year? Spring, mostly. Sometimes I do it on my birthday (since we are already counting my years that way), but thematically Easter works better. All the new life, the rebirth.

My New Year’s resolution is to spend my winter dreaming, and my spring blooming.

Are you there blog? It’s me, Jack.


I’ve been meaning to start a proper blog for months. Years, really.

So why now? Well, we might be half way out of the dark, but there is still some dark to come. And it’s nice to have some company, isn’t it? That’s where you come in, oh blog of mine! You’re my company. There’re will be food, drinks, pictures, a spot of fiction now and then. If you’re lucky, there might even be an opinion or two.