Monthly Archives: March 2016

New Year’s Goals

Unlike some, my new year’s goals are not set for the new calendar year but rather the anniversary of my birth. Since my birthday is this Sunday, it is time for me to gather my goals.

1) Post to my blog once a week
2) Control my diabetes enough that I can stop taking Januvia and then get it back down to non-diabetic numbers again.
3) Spend 5 minutes every day exercising in one of the following manners: treadmill, weight lifting in in-between moments, awkward dance parties, wii fit
4) Reduce soda intake to 1, with a +1 allowance for stressful days and a Fuck It allowance for eating out.
5) Get one of those Rode ID medical tags for my fitbit
6) Color more
7) Write more

So they aren’t the most fun goals, but they are designed to be very achievable and produce welcome results.